Kennidy and Family

I had such a wonderful time taking photos of Kennidy and her family a few weeks ago! It’s amazing how much running around you have to do in order to get a good photo of a toddler! Here’s some of my favorites from the session – and there were even more really nice photos that you can see by visiting their online gallery in the Children’s section here. After the photoshoot, Kennidy came and played with my little girls for awhile and they had a fun time together.  There’s nothing more fun for a kid than playing at a park. At the very end I added two of my favorites from the shoot – Kennidy giving Grandpa her special smile that’s just for him, and then her and Grandpa obviously sharing a sweet moment together. I can’t help but smile myself. 

This is Kennidy’s special smile for Grandpa…

…and here is Kennidy and Grandpa, enjoying each other so much!


~ by jmsphotography on September 19, 2008.

One Response to “Kennidy and Family”

  1. another fantastic shoot!

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