Senior 411 Cards

I’ve decided to offer a new product: 411 Cards! If you haven’t already heard about them or seen them, these are 2×3.5 inch business cards with your contact information on them for handing out to friends before leaving for college or for sending to family so that they know how to keep in touch with you once you’re away from home! Each 411 card will be custom-designed by myself using two images of your choice, so you are guaranteed to have a unique card unlike anyone else! I could go on and on about how fantastic I think these are, but instead I think I’ll show you a few samples that I put together from Kenzie’s Senior photos so you can decide for yourself. Each card is double-sided, so I paired the front and back together for easier veiwing. Here are just a few samples….





~ by jmsphotography on August 20, 2008.

One Response to “Senior 411 Cards”

  1. Excellent idea. I can see the value of offering this to a client, especially if you do a lot of senior portraits. It would probably be an easy sell to them as an addon. I would probably make the back blank or have at the head of the back the word “Notes” so that they can handwrite a personal message to whoever they distribute their card to.

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