Madeleine’s First Recipe

This isn’t my typical post, but since I took the picture I thought I’d share it with you all anyways. This is a blog afterall. My husband did the “transcribing”.

Madeleine’s First Recipe

-1/2 c butter
-1/2 c raisins

A great snack time recipe, probably works great with any other snack item like cheerios, crackers, and any berries. The key to this recipe: USE WHAT YOU HAVE AT HAND. Butter brings out the flavor of any snack food.

Start with softened butter in the butter dish that daddy or mommy have forgotten to move from the table. The fancier the dish and the more butter the better, but hey, use what ya got.

Next, top with raisins (or snack substitute). The trick here is to really work them deep into the butter. Be sure to save some raisins for a garnish on top.

Presto! You’ve just turned a mundane snack into a delectable treat!

Be sure to sample the quality of the butter as you go, and as any good toddler chef will tell you, this means smearing on your face and clothes. I’m not sure why this works, but IT DOES. Trust us adults, us kids have been doing it for centuries.

So there you have it. The nice thing about this dish is that it’s simple, tasty and really fills nicely that down time for a toddler when daddy or mommy has to go to the restroom. Or any other time when their attention is distracted from you, because I GARAUNTEE that you will have their full attention when they see this culinary masterpiece waiting for them on the table (or even better: the floor).

(Written by Brandon Swanson, Madeleine’s loving Daddy)


~ by jmsphotography on July 16, 2008.

2 Responses to “Madeleine’s First Recipe”

  1. that is so cute! and so unhealthy! your photos and writing is hilarious jamie!

  2. Thanks! But my husband is the writer. He’s the mastermind behind this whole idea…I just snapped the photo. He’ll be glad to hear the compliment, though.

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